The show where we love unboxing everyday household items! Its oddly satisfying to watch something new get unboxed/opened. We feel its even more fun to watch it with stop motion as well as the occasional commentary. When we can open tech, we will, but we definitely like opening cheaper/everyday items the best!


    As the first episode of Everyday Un Boxing where we unbox an everyday household item, we dive into the world of Kelloggs' Pop Tarts. You know you've had one or two thousand in your life, and we all know there is nothing more satisfying than watching stuff get opened up!

    What everyday item would you like to see unboxed next?


    Today we are unboxing an "open" box purchased from Best Buy. We will be opening a Space Gray iPad Mini 4 in stop motion fashion and some commentary!

    We like open boxes usually because the product is just as good, cheaper, and has the same warranty with the store. This particular box had the crap beat out of it along with some scratches that weren't mentioned in the description, but . . . so far it works!